16 February 2015

Sri Lanka in five nights

The editor-in-chief of a top New York based travel magazine recently wrote to SriLankaInStyle CEO Miguel Cunat to inquire about a short holiday to the island (just five nights). Sri Lanka, small though it may be in size, has so much to offer that, even to the most resourceful traveller, five nights just isn't going to cut it. But Miguel, being the experienced and sought after destination-manager that he is, came up with an elaborate yet concise six-day travel plan for the editor and his companion that captures the essence of Sri Lanka without compromising on quality or style. Let’s take a look.

It is virtually impossible to see Sri Lanka completely and comprehensively in just five nights. Unless, of course, we fly you around in sea planes and helicopters. There is a scheduled sea plane service that connects various parts of the island that isn’t expensive and works wonderfully well. Naturally, the exact plan for the first day would depend on the time of your arrival; but the scheduled flights to the Cultural Triangle and to Kandy will put you in the ancient heart of Sri Lanka in a heartbeat, saving you a four-hour drive. This, in my opinion, would be the ideal way to start your trip – not least because nothing beats a bird’s eye view of the tropical paradise that is Sri Lanka. But let me backtrack a little and paint you an overall picture before getting into operational details.

The ancient capital of Anuradhapura
Sri Lanka is incredibly varied and diverse. It is a country that has a history that goes back thousands of years with its own unique heritage and rich culture. That said, it is a country through which 24 civilizations (dynasties?) have passed. A friend archeologist who recently alerted me to this fact said that it is impossible to talk about Sri Lankan history without casting a much wider net and approaching the subject from a regional perspective. Among the forces that have shaped the county’s identity and character is, of course, Buddhism and, in particular, the custodianship of the tooth relic of the Buddha for over two millennia (the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy is one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in the world). The great east and west trading routes for both spices and textiles as well as the geography of the island have played a huge role in shaping its history. The entire country is one giant botanical garden. Everything grows in Sri Lanka; the land is incredibly fertile and food and water is plentiful. Today, Sri Lanka is the second largest exporter of tea in the world, and the largest exporter of cinnamon.

Sri Lanka was a tremendous asset to the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, each colonizer nation left its mark on the people and the land adding to the diversity and to the general mix of things here. In today’s global geopolitics, Sri Lanka is at a crossroads (namely China, India and the west).
Another little known fact is that Sri Lanka is home to the highest density of leopard in the world. We also have elephants, bears, sperm whales and blue whales, and 33 endemic species of birds. It is truly one of the most bio-diverse places on the planet.

In order to grasp the significance of Sri Lanka and the interplay of all this, there are various places in the country that you need to visit even within the short spell of time you will be here. The devil is in the details (or planning) and the people you meet.

A trip around Sri Lanka is always best planned in a clockwise fashion – starting from the center north and then working your way down through the mountains/tea plantations to the south. Unfortunately, a visit to Yala National Park (where the probability of seeing leopard is approximately 75% over a 1 night stay) might be a little out of the way and difficult to include on a five-night trip. On arrival, I would head up to the Cultural Triangle to see the remains of Sri Lanka’s ancient civilization – Sigiriya Rock at the very least, if possible also the Dambulla Cave Temples, both UNESCO Heritage sites. One night would do. We can try to fly you there in roughly 45 minutes. (This will, again, depend on the time of your arrival. Keep in mind that it would be a four-hour drive, otherwise). From here, we need to organize a chauffeur/guide to take you to Kan

dy. En route, you can stop for lunch at the home of Ena de Silva, who runs a a fantastic cooperative of local village folk who team up to cook a spread of 22 curries: hands down the best food in Sri Lanka. In the evening, a visit the Temple of the Tooth – UNESCO World Heritage site – is highly recommended. The following morning, check out the Royal Botanical Gardens with a learned Professor of Botany named Bandara Palipana, and then fly back to Colombo city via sea plane (45 minutes again). That’s the ‘center north’ covered.
The Temple of the Tooth

Here onwards, you could drive down the coast to Tangalle (if you wish) and spend a night at the AMAN (note that beaches are beaches anywhere in the tropics and technically you need not go to Tangalle if you would rather your trip’s focus be on culture and people; but, of course, it is an option if you wish to rest a little). The drive from Colombo to Tangalle is three hours, approximately. Overnight stay in Tangalle (that would be night number 3) giving us two more nights.

Hotel Amangalla
I would then head to Galle, yet another UNESCO site. En route, you may visit Herman Gunaratne’s tea plantation and have a cup of tea with the man, who just so happens to be a living legend in the tea trade. And then, lunch at Villa Mayurana, a Cinnamon Plantation, followed by a visit to the plantation itself. In the late afternoon, head to Galle Fort and check into AMANGALLA. There you will find a renowned author by the name of Juliet Coombe who can show you around. She is full of stories and anecdotes about the fort and its Dutch heritage. Overnight at the AMAN.

The next day, I would head back to Colombo, possibly stopping en route to have lunch at Lunuganga, the home of the late great Geoffrey Bawa – father of an architecture style called ‘tropical modernism’. His home and gardens are stunning, to say the least. The drive to Lunuganga from Galle takes one hour, and from Lunuganga to Colombo takes another 1.5 hours, approximately. It is important to try and get to Colombo in the early afternoon.

Colombo is where you will take the pulse of the nation in terms of where it’s at economically, socially and culturally, and how Sri Lanka is faring in an increasingly ‘globalized’ world. There are a few great shops and department stores and an array of high quality restaurants that would make for a fun and interesting last hoorah! Your flight back home will take off either late that evening or the next morning.

So that’s that, in a nutshell.

  • Day 1 – Cultural Triangle
  • Day 2 – Kandy
  • Day 3 – Tangalle
  • Day 4 – Galle
  • Day 5 – Colombo

A bit crazy, perhaps - but doable and fun, and in-style as well.

04 November 2014

The Cape, Your Oyster

An icon of the south, Cape Weligama opened its doors in October and now shares the spotlight with a handful of other high end luxury accommodation players in the south.

Guests will appreciate it's new-world ambiance in what is one of the most awe inspiring stretches of coastline in Sri Lanka.

Being located just a 30 minute drive from the massive granite ramparts of the 400-year-old Dutch colonial Galle Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol of this region’s strategic importance to maritime history, Cape Weligama is perfect for surfers and non-surfers alike.

The Lek Bunnag designed property is nestled in a natural slope atop Weligama's striking headland, offering private Residences and Villas with 40 bedrooms in all.

Nearby, the slender white Dondra Lighthouse, built by the British in 1890, marks this island’s southernmost tip. Beyond, the vast cerulean sea churns unremittingly all the way to Antarctica.

Beneath terracotta-tiled rooftops, stylish interiors unfold as generously sized contemporary living quarters, each one surrounded by manicured garden.

The Cape Weligama Residence is the property's most breath-taking accommodation offering stunning Indian Ocean views from both bedrooms across two levels and an infinity pool on the upper level.

All accommodations overlook the Indian Ocean, with private butler services, individual gardens, dining and spa facilities.

Enjoy Ceylonese indulgence. Cape Weligama’s experienced therapists come to your Residence where dedicated spa facilities pamper you ‘at home’. Organic home grown Sri Lankan spice scrubs made from clove, nutmeg, sweet orange and sandalwood relieve stress and naturally attend to travel weary muscles while bespoke, essential oil massage blends incorporate Ceylon tea, renowned for its antioxidant, anti-ageing and calming properties.

Highly recommended is a blissful massage on the veranda, or with a fragrant scrub followed by an invigorating herbal steam treatment inbuilt in the shower room followed by a sleep inducing soak in a stone bathtub.

Swim and snorkel in the aquamarine bay beneath Cape Weligama, or  explore neighboring coves by kayak or learn to surf on Weligama’s legendary curls. Soon to come will be a Dive Centre, staffed by an experienced international team of professionals, offers a comprehensive range of PADI dive courses. Other off shore activities include private sunset cruises, big game fishing, seasonal whale and dolphin-watching trips and banana boating.

Away from this idyllic coastline, explore sleepy villages, paddy fields, meandering lagoons and ancient temples by guided bicycle ride. Take a boat or kayak out on nearby Koggala Lake, its tranquil lagoon edged by fragrant cinnamon gardens and tropical wildlife.

14 August 2014


A real gem hidden away in Puttalam, Bethany 101 is a sensitively restored 170 year old manor house. Faultlessly classic, the villa offers guests elegant accommodation, inspired by an early British Colonial history. Its location is 80 miles north of Colombo, in the quiet North Western agricultural town of Puttalam, home to one of the island’s largest lagoons and famous for its salt and coconut production.

30 July 2014

SPECIAL OFFERS: Free Nights from Manor House Concepts

These enticing deals and combo offers from the good people behind The Kandy House, Coco Tangalla, The Last House and Taylor's Hill will make your honeymoon or annual family getaway that much sweeter. 

Coco Tangalla is a chic six-bedroomed villa in Tangalle characterized by a striking black and white theme. Special Offer: Stay four nights for the price of three and six nights for the price of four. 

Aptly named, Last House is the architectural swan song of eminent Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Five beautiful bedrooms overlook a glittering Indian Ocean or a small adjoining lagoon visited by exotic birds such as kingfishers and herons. Special Offer: Stay four nights for the price of three and six nights for the price of four. 

Named after the man who introduced tea to Sri Lanka, Taylor's Hill is a short drive from the Loolecondera estate, on which some of the first teas were grown in the island. Special Offer: Stay for three nights and pay for two nights.

The grand ancestral home of one of Kandy’s most influential aristocratic families, the Kandy House sits on 6 acres in a quiet village area close to Kandy. Special Offer: Stay three nights or more on honeymoon and enjoy up to five free gifts including bubbly, candlelit dinner, aromatherapy and more.

Contact holidays@srilankainstyle.com for a range of holiday packages and special deals sure to complement your whims while enabling you to enjoy some peace and quiet in this wonderful escape. Conditions Apply. 

13 July 2014

An afternoon with Jeff Fuchs

With just over a month to go, we're pleased to announce that award-winning explorer, author and self-confessed tea addict Jeff Fuchs is busy prepping for the first in a series of Hosted Events,
scheduled at The Wallawwa on Saturday 23 August 2014 from 3:00pm to 5.30pm.

"Being part of this trip, and seeing it come to fruition is a little bit of magic. Much of this journey I think was actually 'stimulated' by tea. This was once a thought and little else, until SriLankaInStyle and I started speaking about all of the rich elements to include in a voyage that would take in so much of this island. More tea was sipped, and we journeyed along some of the trails to see what might work. Still more tea, and this journey has come to life..." Jeff Fuchs. 

Jeff Fuchs
Join SriLankaInStyle, TEAELI and the lovely folks at The Wallawwa for a fun and insightful afternoon of tea tasting and cake! Hear about the origins and routes of Asia’s eternal green, the adventure of how tea traveled out of the ancient original homelands of tea in south-western Yunnan, its journey along the Tea Horse Road, and Jeff’s own exploration of the various strands of tea and how teas differ according to their production.

Price: Rs. 2,000/- per person (includes all Service Charge, Government taxes, sandwiches, cakes, scones and cookies, a presentation and a tea tasting with Jeff Fuchs and Dushyantha de Silva (Founder of TEAELI). Reserve a place today as space is limited! Please email enquiries@thewallawwa.com or call 0773 638 381 (office hours). Attendees are very welcome to stay for dinner and enjoy the tranquil gardens and excellent à la carte menu (sample menu available on www.thewallawwa.com. Please book a table prior to the event). Special Room Rates starting from Rs 13,650++ for a Garden Suite on B&B basis for two people (attendees only).

04 July 2014

PROPERTY SPOTLIGHT: Living Heritage, Koslanda

Surrounded by the southern mountains of central Sri Lanka, scenic plantations of tea, rubber and pepper, one of Living Heritage Koslanda’s is a retreat for the weary, a holiday home that offers the luxuries of quiet and and the views of a sacred surrounding. 

This beautiful four bedroom holiday spot is just a few steps away from a secluded waterfall, a great place to spend a few hours in the morning and even have a picnic breakfast at. 

Once you’re back at the retreat, an infinity pool on an elevated ledge of the property, offers more serenity and breathtaking views of the Uva Province hills.

And when you're ready to step back in to the warm cozy corners of the house, an attentive staff await to take care of your every need. The magic that is Living Heritage, is that it's set on 80 acres of Deyoge Kaele’ (God’s Forest) which extends from Sri Lanka’s famous mountain Adam’s Peak to Katagarama, and right in the middle of an ancient elephant migratory route. Even today, wild elephants can be spotted crossing through for a drink at the nearby Iriwendunpola river.

The Living Heritage is a secluded base from which travelers can trek through thick jungle paths, climb nearby mountains like the Ella Gap in Bandarawela, have rivers baths or go cycling through sleepy farming towns like Monoragala (home to a large number of ancient Theraveda Buddhist temples). It among the most romantic holidays spots in the hills and it gets two thumbs up from everyone at SriLankaInStyle!

18 June 2014

Sri Lanka: After the war is over

Girls on the beach. Photo: Getty Images

National Travel Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald  shares tales from his recent visit to Sri Lanka. Go here to read the full story

06 June 2014

PROPERTY SPOTLIGHT: Hill Rise, Nuwara Eliya

The tastefully renovated Hill Rise is no ordinary tea planter’s house. 

Apart from the stunning location of daintily manicured gardens and the views over Gregory’s Lake, the villa’s new owners have horse racing interests and their own stables at the The Edwards Stables at Nuwara Eliya Turf Club close-by, open to visits by in-house guests at Hill Rise. 

The fully staffed house, while having undergone a modern refurbishment, is reminiscent of its grand past with dated photographs adorning the walls of racing meets at the Turf Club. The light and spacious living area has three sets of French doors that open out on to a glorious garden. Villa facilities include a flat screen TV with satellite channels, iPod music, and free WIFI throughout the property.

04 June 2014

Classic Mobile Camping in Stunning Locations

Leopard Safaris camp at night
Secluded waterfall at Knuckles Mountain Range
As the rains start to fall in the south, Leopard Safaris moves operations inland and to the west at Knuckles Mountain Range and Wilpattu National Park. The classic tented, mobile camping operator is based at the borders of each location offering unforgettable experiences that allow you to enjoy the remarkable beauty of each wildlife reserve, while indulging in class comforts and service. Camping enthusiasts will be pleased to know that Leopard Safaris have added some additional touches to each of their camp sites to offer more convenience and comfort than ever before. Get in touch with holidays@srilankainstyle.com to book a holiday in the wild today!

27 May 2014

The Cultureist reviews Sri Lanka's Best Boutique Hotels

Bougainvillea Retreat 
Sri Lanka may just be the most beautiful place on earth (in my humble opinion), so staying at chic boutique properties only adds to an otherwise special experience. We always seek out hotels that adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices, and if none are available in the area where we are traveling, we opt to stay at smaller properties that impose a lesser environmental impact than large hotels and mega-resorts. These boutiques offer a luxury experience in some of Sri Lanka’s most incredible destinations. The order in which they are listed can serve as the basis of an itinerary that covers the country’s most beautiful regions and attractions. Go here to read more: The Best Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

15 May 2014

Leopards, all year round

Sri Lanka In Style were lucky to have a recent sighting of this rather demure cat while on safari just two weeks ago in what was a pleasant ride through an uncrowded park with Leopard Trails. Go here to find out more about luxury tented camping in Yala: Leopard Trails

21 April 2014


A Special Five Night Stay at Why House & 23 Palm for just $1,250 | May & June 2014

23 Palm

Why House
Enjoy the best of both worlds in a special offer in the south designed for couples and honeymooners that combines a three night stay at Why House and a two night stay at 23 Palm, at a very special rate of USD 1,250 nett. 

Make the most of a complimentary romantic dinner for two on the beach and other special amenities while you bask in a luscious tropical garden, made up of two acres of privacy and a striking swimming pool: Why House is a gorgeous hotel that entices with its serenity and seclusion. 

And when you feel it’s beach time, escape to the luxurious space, privacy and comfort of 23 Palm. With a spectacular 130m stretch of pure golden beachfront, 23 Palm boasts some of the most extensive ocean views of any villa on this stretch of the Galle Coast. 

From here there’s absolutely nothing between you and Antarctica; huge ships passing slowly by on the horizon are the only sign that life does still go on outside the villa’s walls. 

Email us at holidays@srilankainstyle.com to find out more and book this special offer today. 

*Conditions Apply.

16 April 2014

Dilmah Tea supports the Tea Journey with Jeff Fuchs

Jeff Fuchs and SriLankaInStyle unravel the story of Ceylon tea: 

22 August to 2 September 2014 | 12 days/11 nights

We're proud to have Dilmah on board as the official sponsor of Tea Journey with Jeff Fuchs, which now takes place this August over 12 days from 22nd August to 2nd September 2014.

Dilmah is a unique brand founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity in tea, it is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeing business as a matter of human service. 

Founder of Dilmah, Merrill J. Fernando, declared his commitment to tea when in the 1950s he devoted his life to tea. Four decades later he was joined by his two sons, Dilhan and Malik (after whom he named his Dilmah Tea) who share his passion. Today, Merrill and his sons – the Fernando family have acquired the expertise to grow tea, pack and offer consumers around the world only the finest. 

The tour is the second in a series of Hosted Journeys designed by SriLankaInStyle, and aims to present a past-to-present exploration of the cultures, landscapes and essences that have shaped Sri Lanka’s tea story. Jeff Fuchs has this to say about the journey: “There are some places that still carry a spirit of what they are in their people, culture and geography. These places carry a sense of themselves and Sri Lanka is one of those places that offer up little bits of itself and its sumptuous worlds...in slow, gentle increments.”

"It is a region I've returned to again and again, for the abundance of layers. Tea of course drags me into every single tea stall and garden, but the people and diversity are what ultimately keep me coming back. It is exactly these elements that make a journey a discovery."
The multi-day journey will pass through some of Sri Lanka’s most remote and serene tea valleys and landscapes, blending luxury with an element of adventure for the intrepid in a rare opportunity for travelers to access some of Sri Lanka’s true bastions of tea and island beauty while taking in Sri Lanka the way it should be: up close and personal.
Travelers will experience an intimate journey and hear first-hand personal anecdotes from Jeff’s life in tea around the world, and his take on the Indian Ocean island’s tea culture, as well sample single estate teas and cross a good portion of central and southern Sri Lanka.

Staying at some of the most beautiful boutique hotels throughout a 12 day itinerary, there will be exclusive evenings with interactive discussions with Jeff and the island’s most colorful and illustrious personalities in tea, at the luxurious properties; The Wallawwa, travelling up to the Cultural Triangle to Ulagalla, around to The Kandy House in the Hill Capital, to Tea Trails in the Tea Country, Leopard Safaris in Yala, and Kahanda Kanda and The Why House in the South.  
While in the Tea Country, travelers will explore remote and serene valleys with Jeff Fuchs, home to the fabled Agarapatana Valleys – an area haunted by the island’s secretive leopards and stunning vintage tea estates. The journey will delve deep into the splendor of the tea story, tracing serene mountain paths through lush tea gardens and along mountain ridges, peeling away layers of both culture and geography as we go. 

NOTE: For any queries regarding this press release please contact; Eleanor Milner – Head of Marketing, SriLankaInStyle. 
Tel: +94 778846075

10 April 2014

PROPERTY SPOTLIGHT: Palagama Gets a New Lounge Bar

Palagama, a stunning beach resort set on the golden Alankuda beach in Kalpitiya, has added to the property a brand new lounge and bar area for guests and a boutique shop which carries AOD designed souvenirs. 

It has a wonderfully natural feel with the buildings, connected by small paths, made out of natural palms and cajan. Your privacy is also valued, with the individual cabanas set away from each other, so you feel at home with your space.

The beauty of Palagama is that the resort fans directly onto the beach so you can walk straight out of your cabana and wander along the sand or dive straight into the warm aquamarine Indian Ocean. Meals are enjoyed under the shade of the Corallia restaurant, which is open-sided so that you can enjoy the views and the sea breeze. In the evening put your feet up in the cinema cabana and watch a film with your loved ones. 

Days can be spent taking refreshing swims in the stunning infinity pool, which blends seamlessly into the ocean in the distance; reading in the comfortable ambalamas; taking a boat trip to spot spinner dolphins in the mornings and to snorkel over Bar Reef. If you are staying between May and November, and you are feeling adventurous then it’s well worth taking a kite surfing lesson. 

To explore more of the nearby area, spend half a day doing a safari in Wilpattu National park where you have the chance of seeing leopards, elephants and sloth bears as well as a huge array of birdlife. And don’t forget to book a massage in the spa at the end of the day!

28 March 2014


The Knuckles Mountain Range climate during this time of the year is refreshing: sunny during the morning and afternoon, with temperatures tend to fluctuate between 25 to 15 degrees. The area is made up of tea country and thick forest – home to endemic reptile species only found in these mountains and populated with wild porcupines, deer, purple-faced leaf monkeys, wild boar and even leopards – the perfect setting for an adventurous camp with Leopard Safaris! 

Wake up in a king size bed in the morning to views overlooking Victoria valley. The four tents at the Knuckles camp are the classic customized South African tents featured in Yala and Wilpattu, each set up under the canopy of thousand year old, pigmy forest. Each tent has its own private toilet and open sky hot water shower. A special tent for families is also available on request. The tents are furnished with the essentials: including luggage racks and bed side tables. All tents have a private veranda and an en-suite showers and bathroom. At night, the pathway to the tents is lit up by several lamps. Each tent has a solar powered plug base, used for lighting the tent and shower areas. Leopard Safaris are very family friendly, and the experience is packed with activities for family groups, and children of all ages are welcome. Activities include arts and craft classes and learning the names of mammals and birds and other fun activities. Despite the remote location of the campsite, the kitchen team is expert at creating excellent cuisine. 

The food is also beautifully presented and thoughtfully served alfresco on a long dining table for groups or can be set up privately outside each tent for couples, with stunning, scenic views of Victoria and Kandy. The team can also cater to any dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans and people with allergies. When you wake in the morning the aroma of your freshly cooked breakfast is especially inviting. Delicious BBQ dinners are a feature, while rice and curry or Kotthu lunches by the nearby waterfall make for an unforgettable experience. Guests can cool off after a trek with cocktails and chilled beers. Oil lamps are lit at night to light the way from tents to the dinner setting. Typical evening BBQs make for special occasions and are usually preceded by soups and salads – we recommend you try the fresh tiger prawns washed down with a chilled glass of wine. All alcoholic beverages, meals and snacks are included in the accommodation price. Get in touch with us at holidays@srilankainstyle.com and we'll get planning on a perfect wildlife holiday for you today.

23 January 2014

HOSTED JOURNEYS II: Tea Journey with Jeff Fuchs

Unraveling the story of Ceylon tea: 8 to 22 July 2014 | 15 days/14 nights
Jeff Fuchs

Tea Journeys with Jeff Fuchs belongs to the SriLankaInStyle Hosted Journey series and is designed exclusively with award winning explorer, tea maven and author Jeff Fuchs. The journey encompasses a past-to-present exploration of the cultures, landscapes and essences that have shaped Sri Lanka’s tea story. Over 15 days you will explore remote and serene valleys, sample single estate teas and cross a good portion of central and southern Sri Lanka with Jeff Fuchs, all the while, staying at some of the finest luxury properties the island has to offer, including The Wallawwa, Ulagalla, Kandy House, Tea Trails, Leopard Safaris, Kahanda Kanda and Why House. Stay tuned for more details!

Jeff Fuchs has devoted much of the last decade to discovering Asia’s indigenous mountain cultures. He led the first western exploration of the Nomadic Salt Road in southern Qinghai province and authored ‘The Ancient Tea Horse Road’, becoming the first westerner to travel and document the extraordinary six thousand km tea trade route in its entirety – a journey that National Geographic Traveller Magazine listed among ‘50 Trips of a Lifetime’ edition.

Price: US$ 5,995
Email holidays@srilankainstyle.com to find out more.

03 December 2013

A GALLE CHRISTMAS: An unforgettable holiday for 6 this season!

From 23-29 December '13

Explore the southern coast in one of Asia’s most beautiful and popular islands over Christmas on an exclusive holiday designed for six. Experience a different kind of magic on a tropical island, where you can immerse yourself in local festivities, with a Sri Lankan twist. The first three nights of your trip will be spent in the historic Galle Fort, in your own private villa (www.rampartsvilla.com) before you move on to sun and sand for a further two nights at Kingsley’s Pearl (www.kingsleyspearl.com), which opens on to stunning Indian Ocean views. Both these properties are fully staffed to take care of your every whim. All manner of exciting local excursions can be arranged from either of these excellent bases. Email holidays@srilankainstyle.com and book this stress-free Christmas vacation today. Terms and conditions apply.