Art Biennale arrives in Colombo

“The world of the Art Biennale is set to arrive in Sri Lanka too. Joining cities such as Dubai, Bangladesh, Singapore, New York, Sydney and of course Venice, Colombo will have its very own “Colombo Art Biennale” in September 2009. The show will encourage displays of contemporary art from artists in Sri Lanka. International artists have also shown interest and there are plans afoot to accommodate artists from the region and the EEC.

Colombo Art Biennale is the brainchild of Annoushka Hempel who has made Sri Lanka her home. Based in Galle and Colombo, Annoushka and her family have been in Sri Lanka for almost seven years. Contemporary art is something of a passion for Annoushka. Her previous background in public relations work for blue chip clients in the UK has seen an energetic drive to promote the Biennale concept to Sri Lanka.

The Biennale world has an international following from lovers of the arts. Annoushka Hempel has chosen her theme in this crucial year for Sri Lanka very appropriately. Its called “Imagining Peace: The Colombo Art Biennale 2009”.

The Biennale will be held at Park Street Mews, where five large warehouses will be converted into distinctive pavillions – each managed by a different strong curator showcasing a different artist collective.”