Sri Lanka: best value for money long-haul destination

It’s official; there’s never been a better time to visit Sri Lanka! The Long Haul Holiday Report has recently judged Sri Lanka to be the best value long haul destination for travellers from the UK. This annual report produced by the Post Office informs British citizens of where their pound could stretch furthest when picking a winter destination abroad. Through averaging the combined cost of ten holiday essentials such as evening meals, various beverages and the price of staples such as suncream and postcards, Sri Lanka came out top – just above Mexico and Kenya – with a shopping basket cost of GBP 46.85 compared to Australia’s GBP 155.58.

Thailand, the former holders of the top spot slipped to sixth place as a result of the strengthening of the Thai Baht resulting in a difference of 11 percent between itself and Sri Lanka. Bali and Malaysia also slipped from the top of the leaderboard. Presently UK arrivals in Sri Lanka are up by a staggering 51 percent on last year with the country set to see these figures increase over the next few years as tourist arrivals boom and the island reaps the rewards of peace after 30 years of civil war.

Sri Lanka is a country of such variety – where else can you savour the beauty of spectacular beaches, the culture of tea high up in the hills and the exclusivity of seeing leopards and whales in the wild all within a seven day journey? Views changes constantly, climates provide surprising variety and the people are always welcoming and warm. Add to that the island’s most recent nomination of being superb value for money and you have an amazing destination that’s accessible, affordable and just waiting to be explored!