Galle Children’s Festival 22-23rd October 2011

Not sure what to do with yours kids over the half term break… well here is the answer:

Galle Children’s Festival Programme

Events happening on both Saturday October 22nd and Sunday October 23rd:

Around the Country in 30 minutes by tuk tuk
British Council
Lesley Dick; Cherie Umagiliya; Jill Teasdale; Norma Swyngedauw; Christine Nowak; Moira Harkness; Cathy Glover; Anabella Brochard; Caroline Mutch; Anju Moses; Liz Evans; Karina Kassim; Amali de Silva; Emily Marshall; Amina Ruwanpathirana
8-16 years
This full day series of workshops involves 10 groups of students who, through painting, song and dance, drama and mask making, prepare and deliver a 30 minute performance entitled “Around the country in 30 minutes by tuk tuk”

Kids. Camera. Action!
Galle Youth Film Camps Screening
All ages
English, Tamil and Sinhala
Sit back and enjoy a special screening of 12 short films made by young participants of the 2010 & 2011 Film Camps held in Galle, Bandaragama and Jaffna. Presented y the US Embassy, Colombo and the Galle Film Festival, these camps brought students from around the country together to take part in drama and film workshops before shooting their own films!

Snap Lanka Children’s Photography Exhibition
Earlier in 2011 students from schools in the southern and eastern provinces of Sri Lanka took part in a series of photographic workshops. Their photos which will be on display throughout the Galle Children’s Festival celebrate and share their lives and communities with each other.

Keerthihan’s Kite
Trilingual Story Telling
Michael Meyler, Thilini Ranasinghe & Niruba Pushparaj
5-10 years
English, Tamil and Sinhala
A trilingual reading of the children’s book Keerthihan’s Kite, followed by an activity making/decorating a kite of your own.

Kite Making & Flying on the Ramparts
5-10 years
English, Tamil and Sinhala
Following Michael Meyler’s trilingual reading of Keerthihan’s Kite, young participants will enjoy making or decorating their own kits before flying them on the ramparts of the historic Galle Fort.

Origami and Craft
Shiroma Benaragama & Dilrukshi Gunaseela
British Council
8-11 years and 12-15 years
Have fun trying out the ancient Japanese art form of origami as well as other craft activities!

Interactive Story Time
British Council
Shiroma Benaragama & Shashila Alahakoon
English & Sinhala
5-8 years
Come along to a series of interactive story telling sessions including the traditional stories Little Red Riding Hood, Harry’s Hazlenut, Can’t You Sleep Little Bear? and The Rescue Party.

Poetry Writing
Vivimarie VanderPoorten
British Council
8-11 years and 12-15 years
Join Gratiaen Prize Winning Sri Lankan Poet Vivimarie Vanderpoorten in these exciting poetry workshops! Vivimarie currently lectures in English language, literature and linguistics at the Open University of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Sign Language
Hannah Sheppard, Subodha Vihanga Liyanage & Kanchana Priyadarshani – Children’s Hope
7+ years
Come along and enjoy learning how to use Sri Lankan Sign Language to greet people and sing well known Sri Lankan songs. This workshop aims to create awareness of Deafness and sign language and allow those participants to acquire basic signs to converse with those who communicate in this medium.

Visual Art Competitions
Shiroma Benaragama
British Council
8-11 years & 12-15 years
Students will have the chance to create their own individual art work using mediums of their choice such as pastels, watercolours or collage before it is judged by a local artist.

Creative Book Makers Inc
Mika Tennekoon & Will Henley
11-14 years
Ever wanted to start your own children’s book or graphic novel? Mika and Will can show you how from start to finish. Write, illustrate, and bind!

Wheel Chair Treasure Hunt
ECSAT Community Support Centre
Nilanga Roshan Samarawickrama, Asha M. Jeewanthi & W.H. Samantha
10-16 years
English & Sinhala
Young participants will take part in this unique challenge, working in pairs to explore the historic Galle fort in wheelchairs. This exciting workshop will enable them to truly experience what it can be like to have a disability while working in teams and getting support and guidance from children with disabilities.

Events happening on only Saturday October 22nd:

Festival Opening School Band Parade
The festival will kick off with a parade of school bands winding through the Galle Fort, ending at the Law Court Square where the official opening ceremony will take place.

Activities in the Square
Nilanga Roshan Samarawickrama , G.G. Gayani Sugandika & U.G.K Menaka Lakmali
ECSAT Community Support Centre
4-14 years
Come along and have fun dancing, singing, acting and creating with the team of ECSAT under marquees in the Law Court Square. These sessions are specially designed for children of all abilities including children with hearing impairments, physical and intellectual disabilities

Cookery for Kids
Rehana Wettasinghe & Akram Alavi
This hands-on activity caters to children who are total beginners to those who have had some experience in cookery. It is designed to stimulate their senses, to gain knowledge about the nutritious value of food whilst they chop, mix, stir, cook and indulge themselves in this finger licking experience. Washing dishes and clearing up will also be a part of the learning curve.

DJ Workshop
Asvajit Boyle & Givanke Goonetilleke
English/Sinhala Medium
15+ years
In this 6-hour workshop participants will get a basic overview of DJing, electronic music performance and production. The workshop will cover and demonstrate the different mediums of DJing used over the years, as well as give an introduction to the possibilities of creating music without traditional musical instruments. Students will each leave with a CD of the music they have all created throughout the day.

See the festival through a Camera Lens!
Ruvin de Silva
English and Sinhala
Join Ruvin de Silva in this interactive workshop learning the ins and outs of event photography before visiting festival activities in the Galle Fort. A selection of the student’s photos will be displayed on the festival website soon after the event.

Mind Adventures Theatre Company
13-16 years
English and Sinhala
Join some of the team of Mind Adventures Theatre Company to collaboratively build a story and characters through a series of workshops, and improvisation exercises. Participants will work together to build a plot through a stimulus of their choice, which will give birth to the larger story and the characters. A story can come out of almost anything – a word, a picture, a piece of music. This workshop will end in a performance on the festival stage.

Musical Storytelling
Lucy Coote & David O’Rorke
6-9 years
Taking the well loved English story ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury, the children will experiment with how to use sound and music to add depth to the story. Bring your own ‘junk’ to create simple percussion and string instruments!

Events happening on only Sunday October 23rd:

Pottery Painting
Rehana Wettasinghe& Akram Alavi
5+ years
English & Sinhala
Children will have a blast using sandpaper and paint and other mixed media to create a personalized piece of pottery with vibrant colours.

A Day Out with Stimulation
ECSAT Community Support Centre Nilanga Roshan Samarawickrama, G.G. Gayani Sugandika & U.G.K Menaka Lakmali
For Parents
ECSAT will be carrying out a range of interactive sessions targeting parents, caregivers and parents. Participants will take part in a range of stimulation and awareness raising activities including challenges where they are blindfolded and in wheel chairs.

OTHERS ACTIVITIES- Times and dates to be confirmed

Eco-Field Trip
Students will go on an eco-adventure and explore the wonders of Samakanda. Set in sixty acres of tea estate and pristine rainforest, a short drive from the Galle coast, Samakanda is an ecological sanctuary and tropical forest garden bursting with fresh, organic produce. Watch the birds swooping through the trees, hike the rainforest trails and learn how you can protect your own patch of planet earth.

Rainforest Rangers
Rainforest Rescue International
11-14 years
Come along and meet the Rainforest Rangers from local Galle Schools. These after school clubs provide fun, practical opportunities for students to learn about the environment. They aim to give children a positive connection to their natural heritage, empower them to make conservation actions and become advocates for environmental conservation in their schools and communities. Participants will learn first-hand how they can set up a Rainforest Rangers Club in their school.

Our Vision for a Green Fort
Rainforest Rescue International
11-14 years
Children who live or study in the Galle Fort will spend time observing and recording the many species of flora and fauna within the Fort walls. They will then create art work and use photos to design their vision for a greener fort in the future and how everyone can help make this dream a reality.

Rock Pooling Field Trip
Anoma Alagiyawadu – Jetwing Naturalist
Come along to the beach front of Dadalla and join local Naturalist Anoma Alagiyawadu in the weird and wonderful discoveries that can be found in the rock pools of Galle. Learn all about the different species that live amongst the rocks and what you can do to help preserve and protect them.