Ceylon Tea Trails for the ultimate tea experience!

Sri Lanka is synonymous with tea. Ceylon Tea is world recognized and appreciated for its high quality. Many countries import their tea from Sri Lanka as Sri Lankan blends are hard to beat. A cup of tea is attributed with the power to offer comfort no matter what the problem and has often come to the rescue of many seeking solace.

For many visitors to the island it is a priority to see firsthand
where this wonder beverage originates from. As most of the tea plantations are
located in Sri Lanka’s breathtakingly beautiful upcountry region, it is no
wonder that the Ceylon Tea Trails are immensely popular. Tea Trails offers the
perfect up close and personal view of the journey of the tea leaf, from the
bush to the tea cup.
Ceylon Tea
Trails allows guests the choice of 4 colonial bungalows purpose built for the
British tea estate managers. While each bungalow is unique they share in common
the detail given to luxury and comfort. All necessary modern conveniences
reside alongside colonial splendour, so guests enjoy the best of both worlds.
Each bungalow has a Manager, Chef,
Butler and support staff to welcome guests as at a planter’s home. Meals are
based on fresh produce, cooked to order and range from western fare to tea
infused dishes and of course traditional Sri Lankan classics. That together with the fact that the bungalows enjoy
exquisite locations in the region ensures a memorable experience
for guests. While enjoying the bungalows guests can immerse themselves in the
working life of the tea estates.

Basically the
Ceylon Tea Trails takes visitors through the practicalities of obtaining the
perfect leaf to create the perfect blend. Guests will be taken through the
process of how the plant is grown, the correct leaves to pick and how they are
sent for processing. Also a factory visit allows them to view the actual
processes firsthand with the Planter in Residence (direct descendent of James

Ultimately Tea
Trails is extremely popular as it combines all aspects required for an unique
holiday – luxurious accommodation coupled with adventure and new experiences. Guests
can also enjoy scenic treks through Sri Lanka’s picture perfect upcountry
region with its cool and pleasing climes. The bungalows are so well equipped
that guests can be forgiven for not wanting to leave the bungalows at all.
However, it is best to open the senses to new experiences by exploring the
surroundings and walking amidst the tea bushes.

Of course the
most important aspect of a Tea Trail holiday would be to enjoy as many cups of
the world famous Ceylon Tea as possible. With so many varieties and blends to
choose from guests will never tire of sipping the beverage while looking out at
the lush greenery that is a trademark of Sri Lanka’s hill country.
A stay at Tea
is the ideal way to learn about Ceylon tea as Ceylon
Tea Trails
take guests through the entire process of tea production, while
staying in the luxurious settings of the four colonial bungalows.
NB: The Kandy
Perahera this
year falls on 19th July to 2nd August 2012.

Ceylon Tea Trails is an ideal base for Kandy
Perahara excursions and offers a haven of sybaritic living where you can relax
and rewind on the off days and escape the city hustle and bustle. Accommodation
in Kandy and at Ceylon Tea Trails is difficult to secure during the Esela
Season so make sure to plan ahead; the trip from Ceylon Tea Trails to Kandy
takes approximately 2 hours by road although you need to give about another
hour at least to navigate the city and locate your seats; advance bookings can
be made for seating at selected areas to view the Perahera. The best locations
to actually view the Perahera are at the starting point of each procession
closer to the Maligawa.