Discovering Koggala

One of Sri Lanka’s lesser-known areas, Koggala is a coastal town located within Galle province. Encased between the sea and Koggala Lake, Koggala is relatively rural and is covered in a sprawling wilderness, punctuated with paddy fields and clusters of brightly-coloured villages. Although this area is beautiful and a haven for various species of wildlife, it is often overlooked by tourists, who instead head for the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Galle Fort or the sandy shores of Unawatuna Beach.


Koggala’s delightful rural charm and picturesque scenery is starting to be recognised as untapped potential by those in the tourism industry. A range of experiences are being developed, from kayaking on the lake to cinnamon plantation tours, and several new properties are springing up across the area. For those looking to discover the ‘real’ Sri Lanka, Koggala is an ideal destination that offers fascinating experiences in an ‘off-the-beaten-track’ location.

The latest new accommodation to appear in Koggala is the enchanting Tri Lanka, a luxury eco retreat perched on the edge of Koggala Lake. With panoramic views across the water, understated contemporary architecture and exquisitely-landscaped gardens, Tri is a hotel that exudes beauty at every turn. The design of the hotel is based on the Fibonacci sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio, a mathematical theory which, when used in design, produces shapes that the human eye sees as perfect. From the dramatic infinity-edge swimming pool to the cinnamon stick-clad Water Tower, award-winning architect Raefer Wallis and photographer Rob Drummond have employed the Golden Ratio to create a property with perfect balance and symmetry.


The philosophy behind Tri is a combination of sustainability and well-being. The buildings were built using recycled wood and waste materials such as cinnamon sticks, which are a by-product of cinnamon production. Wildlife thrives here: frogs hop across the grass, lizards slither beneath the bushes and a whole host of birdlife can be seen darting through the trees. This eco-friendly environment is the perfect place in which to relax and unwind: guests can take a yoga class in the tree-top shala, a peaceful oasis with stunning views, or indulge in an Ayurveda treatment in the spa.

Tri regularly rotates its spa staff and the menu changes with each new visiting practitioner. The current practitioner is Claudia Tessarin, a highly-qualified masseuse who specialises in Thai massage. Several treatments are available including Indian Head Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Thai Yoga Massage. Claudia is staying at Tri until March 25th – catch her while you can.


The complimentary yoga classes at Tri are delivered either by a carefully-selected visiting practitioner or by the renowned resident instructor who is the founder of Quantum Yoga, a form of yoga which combines the ancient healing practice of Ayurveda with the modern science of Quantum physics to achieve either restful or invigorating results.

This instructor also runs private classes in a tranquil Koggala villa, which can be attended by an individual or up to five people at a time. This exclusive experience allows guests to be truly immersed in their yoga practice and the intimacy enables guests to reap far more spiritual and physical benefits than is possible in a group class. Water and other refreshments are provided and your host applies a cooling aromatic balm midway through the session which helps to arouse the senses and increase your sense of peace. Guests end the ninety minute session feeling stretched and rested and can spend time cooling off in the villa’s pool, which is surrounded by tranquil gardens.


For more information on Tri Lanka or our private yoga experience, see our website:
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An exploration of Koggala’s new properties and experiences. Koggala is a relatively undiscovered area of Sri Lanka located on the south coast of the island.