The 7 Most Instagrammable Places in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an ideal place for the avid Instagrammer. The paradise isle is brimming with excitement, beauty, flavours and much more to do. After Colombo being named the ‘must photograph’ travel destination of 2019, the little tropical island is drawing jet-setters from around the globe. We are taking photos because let’s face it: Pic or it didn’t happen. So, here is a quick rundown of some Insta-worthy places scattered across the island.

Red mosque aka Jamiul Alfar Masjid in Pettah

Photographing Colombo, the cosmopolitan capital of the island never gets old. Among many of its colonial monuments, remarkable religious buildings and vibrant markets, the Red Mosque is a top crowd-pleaser. Anyone would definitely do a double take when walking past this eye-popping building, which traces its roots back to 1908. Architects claim Red Mosque to be reminiscent of the Jamek Masjid in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Stop by to take a quick snap of this candy-stripped mosque when you crisscross the bustling streets of Pettah.

Coconut grove in Mirissa

A scenic spot in the mesmerizing beach town of Mirissa has now become one of the favourite photo ups of Instagram travel freaks. A short walk (approximately 20 minutes) towards the left from the main beach of Mirissa takes you to this postcard like grove of palm trees. There is nothing much except the coconut grove but still the capture is worthy your social feed. Two thumbs up if you could take your snap with the brilliant sunrise.

Seema Malaka on Beria Lake

Standing on the tranquil waters of the Beira Lake, Seema Malaka, which was designed by Geoffrey Bawa, is part of the Gangaramaya Buddhist Temple. A short boardwalk takes the visitor to the Seema Malaka. The rows of Buddha statues set against the chic backdrop of the city create picture perfect moments and this place of worship has been turning heads since it was built in the late 1900s. You won’t reach enlightenment after one visit but you’ll at least get your Insta-worthy click.

Pidurangala Rock

Lying at the heart of the Cultural Triangle, Pidurangala has historical ties to King Kashyapa (475-491 AD), and also is a historic monastery complex. But, the most fascinating thing about Pidurangala is the view from its top. Though the climb to the summit will leave you huffing and puffing, it is well worth the effort. When you finally make it to the top, make sure to take that clichéd Pidurangala photo with the majestic Sigiriya Rock in distance. The view is at its loveliest when bathed in the light of the rising or setting sun.

Nine Arches Bridge in Ella

The magical hilly hamlet of Ella has loads of Insta-worthy places. However, you are missing out a lot if you haven’t captured the iconic Nine Arch Bridge.  Constructed in the 1920s, the bridge is a significant landmark of the island’s railway history.  The photograph of the Badulla bound train passing along on the Nine Arch Bridge is undoubtedly a trendsetter on Instagram.  Not to mention that it is a fitting reward for the effort of finding the way to the bridge through the jungle. You can also stand at the ends of this brick and stone bridge to catch a glimpse of stunning views.


Galle Fort

Besides the obvious historic landmarks hidden inside the Fort itself, the cobblestone alleys and funky colourful walls are so much fun to wander through. Vibrant street side cafes, art galleries flooded with abstract drawings together with the mad clutter of antique shops put up an eccentric vibe. Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site and get snap happy against one of its many picture perfect backgrounds to make your Instagram game strong.


Amidst a tea field

The hill country of the island is a maze of a sprawling tea fields and you won’t miss the sight of diligent tea pluckers dressed in vibrant hues, filling their sacks.  The deep green tea bushes shining with droplets of morning dew sparkle in the sun rays. Soaring mountains stand like giants who protect the neatly pruned tea plantations. When the backdrop is this pretty, who’d not take out the camera and capture that instagrammable moment to spice up the Insta feed?